The Tenant Representation Process

Tenant Representation

  1. Needs Analysis
    The need for space arises
    Economic objectives are identified

  2. Market Analysis
    A General Area Location is Selected
    Real estate market is researched
    Tax or economic incentives are uncovered

  3. Site Inspection and Tours
    Site tours are scheduled
    Coordination of architectural/contractor evaluation to assist is determining final property solutions
    Repeat until property short list is approved

  4. Site Selections
    Post tour follow up
    Preparation of:
    executive summaries
    cost analysis
    SWOT and financial analysis of alternatives
    executive summaries

  5. Lease/Purchase Negotiations
    Leverage deal from position of strength
    Coordinate negotiations of terms with legal counsel
    Lease/Purchase agreement is drafted and reviewed by all parties

  6. Post Leasing Purchase Services
    Assist with project management
    Close-out project
    Objectionable terms are renegotiated and amended