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Eight Big Mistakes to Avoid When You Lease Office Space
April 27, 2017

Hey, we all make mistakes - but when it comes to leasing office space for your business, mistakes equal dollars - sometimes big dollars.

Here are the eight most common mistakes tenants make when renting office space, as well as an insider's take on how to avoid making them.

1. Lack of planning. Believe it or not, many tenants ... Learn More ⇢

US Firms Locating Facilities In Baja Boosting Cross-Border Economics
March 28, 2016

Some US firms are choosing Mexico over China for manufacturing and assembly production, particularly Northern Baja, and we've assembled corporate and real estate experts, government and EDC officials to share their insight at Bisnow's first Future of the Cali-Baja Megaregion event April 7 at the Sheraton Hotel & Marina in Downtown ... Learn More ⇢

NASA Finds Space on Earth with Assistance from Synergy Real Estate Group
January 30, 2014

NASAJust as NASA has exacting standards for its spacecraft, vendors and support staff, it also has strict requirements for its office space. For example, the minimum criteria of GS-12 or higher pay grades requires separate offices for responsibilities and security.

That was one of the considerations San Diego-based Synergy Real Estate ... Learn More ⇢

Synergy worked with U.S. Mint
January 13, 2014

US MintMore than 2,800 employees work at six United States Mint facilities. One facility is a depository, one is Headquarters, and four produce coins, one of which is located in San Francisco, California.

Inventory Manager of the United States Mint's San Francisco branch under the direction of Richard A. Peterson, Deputy Director, United ... Learn More ⇢

We bring a lot of market knowledge to the table
January 9, 2014

When money talks, people listen. Especially when the money is in the hands of the U.S. Mint.

So Synergy Real Estate Group paid close attention when it was contacted by the inventory manager of the Mint's San Francisco branch for assistance in locating potential warehouses to accommodate the Mint's growing inventory storage needs. ... Learn More ⇢

Synergy's work with Tesla Motors as a Corporate Real Estate Advisor is on-going
January 8, 2014

Tesla MotorsTesla Motors, Inc. is an American company that designs, manufactures and sells electric cars and electric vehicle powertrain components. The Tesla Factory is an automobile manufacturing plant in Freemont, California. Its current production facility is on a 370-acre site is mostly unused by its 5,500,000-square-foot main building ... Learn More ⇢

Our marketing on behalf of our clients often helps us find properties that aren’t even listed
December 16, 2013

A building for NASA with no support beams to house the largest solar sail spacecraft of its kind. An industrial space that can handle 1,600 amps of electricity Hitachi could house and assemble the components of an ion-beam accelerator. A downtown high-rise office with beaming views of San Diego Bay for a transportation consulting ... Learn More ⇢

Synergy Helps CompAndSave.com Lease New Space in Newark, CA
August 12, 2013

"CompAndSave.com was planning to relocate to the Bay Area from Portland, Oregon to be closer to our suppliers and customers. We are an online retailer of printer ink cartridges and accessories, and needed a warehouse space near Silicon Valley to house our operations.

Adam Sass of Synergy quickly showed us the best options in the ... Learn More ⇢

Synergy Real Estate Group, Corporate Advisory Completes 3rd Real Estate Requirement for NASA
May 28, 2013

NASAJohn Galaxidas, President/CEO of Synergy announced it completed its 3rd commercial real estate requirement for NASA.

NASA recently retained the services of Synergy Real Estate Group, Corporate Advisory (www.synreg.com) headquartered in San Diego, California to help them identify a hard to find space.

The facility had to be a specific ... Learn More ⇢

Synergy Real Estate Group Assists Hitachi Subsidiary AccSys Technology in Leasing Space for Its New Ion Accelerator Test Facility
January 28, 2013
John Galaxidas, President and CEO of Synergy Real Estate Group, Corporate Advisory, announced that the company had assisted Hitachi subsidiary AccSys Technology, Inc. in leasing a 12,000 square foot industrial property to be used as a testing facility for its ion linear accelerators. The deal continues Synergy's prominent role representing ... Learn More ⇢

Los Angeles Office Rates Still Flat Q3 2012
September 24, 2012

The Los Angeles Class A office leasing market continues to remain flat in Q3 2012. Office leasing activity (as measured by the total square foot-age of new leases and lease renewals executed) was 34% below average quarterly leasing activity in 2011.

The availability rate for Class A office space continues to hover slightly above ... Learn More ⇢

World’s Priciest Office Locations
July 27, 2012
A semi-annual real estate industry survey released the most expensive office markets world-wide. Overall, occupancy costs increased by an average 3.6% worldwide led by Asia-Pacific at 7.8%, Americas at 5.0%, and EMEA at 0.4%. 80 markets experienced increase in occupancy costs, while 24 markets occupancy costs decreased, and 29 ... Learn More ⇢

Drop in San Diego Office Space Vacancies
February 13, 2012

For the first time since 2007, the commercial office space vacancy rate for San Diego has dropped below the 14% mark.

In the fourth quarter of 2011, the San Diego office leasing vacancy rate dropped to 13.8 percent, the lowest it had been since it was at 14 percent in the third quarter of 2010.

The San Diego office rates still ... Learn More ⇢

Synergy Real Estate Group, Corporate Advisory Helps NASA Hubble Lease New 120,000sf Office Space
January 16, 2012
NASA Press ReleaseJohn Galaxidas, President and CEO of Synergy Real Estate Group, Corporate Advisory, announced that the company assisted NASA - Hubble / TRAX International in leasing 120,000 square feet of office space for 450 staff located at 7700 Hubble Drive in Greenbelt, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC. GREENBELT, Md., Jan. 5, 2012 ... Learn More ⇢

San Diego ranks 10th in hottest real estate market forecast for 2011
December 10, 2011
In a recent survey performed by the Urban Land Institute (ULI), San Diego was ranked tenth in a list of real estate markets to watch. "The emerging trends" report is in its 32nd year and is compiled from 275 personal interviews with industry experts. The Washington based organization believes San Diego as a coastal market will perform ... Learn More ⇢

How do you know if you've chosen the wrong Tenant Representative?
February 22, 2011

Here are 10 ways you in which you know you need to go back to the drawing board.

1. While the size of the spaces you're shown seem OK, none are laid out remotely close to what you need.

2. When you ask if the suite can be remodeled, you're told, "Sure, no problem."

3. Your broker sends you a 50 page computer print-out of every ... Learn More ⇢

3 Basics to Minimizing the Cost of your next Office and Warehouse Space
February 21, 2011

Every company large or small wants to identify the highest quality office space at the lowest cost. In order to achieve this goal, a company must understand what the major drivers of cost. Your chances of securing the best price on space are increased significantly by utilizing the expertise of an exclusive Tenant Representative ... Learn More ⇢

How to get out of commercial lease or downsize your office space
October 25, 2008
Getting out of a commercial lease can be a difficult and often daunting process but depending on your individual circumstances or real estate market you are in, you may be able to negotiate a compromise with your landlord. During a downturn, recession or financial crisis, companies find they have more space than they need. ... Learn More ⇢

The Appeal of using an Exclusive Tenant Representation Firm
August 25, 2008
The appeal of using an exclusive tenant representation firm is that a client requiring space is assured that the advisor is focused strictly upon meeting the client’s needs. In exclusive "boutique" tenant representation firms, such as Synergy Real Estate Group, Corporate Advisory LLC and it’s new subsidiary Sacramento Tenant ... Learn More ⇢

Considering Renewing or Relocating Your Space - Consider hiring an Exclusive Tenant Representative
August 25, 2008
When a business grows, there comes the time when the owner of the company needs to consider moving to a larger office space or negotiating with the landlord a new lease. If the business is such that the owner is considering renewing or relocating to new space, one thing the owner of the business may consider is hiring an real estate ... Learn More ⇢

Tenant Representation firm makes debut in Sacramento Market
August 23, 2008
The timing for Sacramento Tenant Advisors “STC” (www.sactotenantadvisors.com) entry into the Sacramento Central California Valley real estate market was based on the philosophy that has been carried from Synergy Real Estate Group, Corporate Advisory LLC (www.synreg.com), it's mother company with offices in San Francisco, Los ... Learn More ⇢

TCP, Inc. Expands Its West Coast Operations
June 15, 2008

Energy efficient lighting innovator relocates distribution center

TCP IncAurora, OH (June 5, 2008) – TCP, Inc., the world's largest manufacturer of energy efficient lighting products, announces the relocation of its west coast distribution center and warehouse to the Massie Industrial Park in Stockton, California. The 130,000-square-foot ... Learn More ⇢

Synergy Assists TCP Expand Its West Coast Operations
June 5, 2008
Energy efficient lighting innovator relocates distribution center Aurora, OH (June 5, 2008) – TCP, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of energy efficient lighting products, announces the relocation of its west coast distribution center and warehouse to the Massie Industrial Park in Stockton, California. The 130,000-square-foot ... Learn More ⇢

Understanding Lease - Renewal Options
October 19, 2006
Landlords and leasing agents typically want tenants to sign long-term leases. This type of lease, which may extend over many years, guarantees the landlord a reliable stream of rental income and allows them to avoid the hassle and expense of re-leasing the space. But if your business is growing and you don't want to lock into a ... Learn More ⇢

Types of Commercial Real Estate Leases
October 19, 2006
A wide range of commercial leasing possibilities exist. Typically, an office lease in a major city and a retail lease in a suburban shopping center will be considerably different. From a broad perspective, there are a few types of leases commonly found. Within these categories, leases may vary considerably. Gross lease: ... Learn More ⇢

Tenant Improvements and Alterations of an Office Leases
October 19, 2006
Most form leases provide that the tenant can't make any alterations or improvements to the premises without the landlord's consent. Those provisions are typically too restrictive and you should attempt to negotiate changes. For example, try to get the right to make non-structural changes or changes costing less than $2500 without ... Learn More ⇢

Negotiating the Best Office Lease for Your Business
October 19, 2006
Office space is one of the largest expenses a growing company incurs. Negotiating the best lease possible can save your company enough to hire a few more employees or to launch a marketing campaign. No lease is standard, however, so here are some suggestions to help you become a little more lease-savvy and negotiate a favorable ... Learn More ⇢

Commercial Office Leases for Small Businesses
October 19, 2006
Most businesses require leased space. And as your business grows, you may need to add additional space for more people or increased operations. A lease agreement can constitute a significant financial commitment for a business. Yet many people blindly sign leases that bind their business for many years without any meaningful attempt ... Learn More ⇢